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Phone Book Games

Did you know that people actually still use the phone book? I was having a conversation
the other day with my brother, and he said he hadn’t used one in YEARS! Well, I do
still use one, as not every local business has a web site and doesn’t always appear
on search results. Anyway, since a lot of kids are growing up not knowing HOW to use one,
why not give them a little extra knowledge, teaching them about it, while playing a game
at the same time? Phone book games can actually be fun!

The game that we’ve played a couple times is similar to a treasure or scavenger hunt.
Basically, we think of a certain type of business and try to find it in the Yellow
Pages. The trick is to remember that – for example – “bars” are sometimes found under
“taverns” or “pubs”, depending on where you live. Just as with a card catalogue in a
library, there will be some cross-referencing and dead-ends. But that only adds to the
hunt. (how much would we learn if we succeeded at everything the first time?)

Yes, Google is great. So is Bing. And Yahoo! But the big dogs can only take us so far,
especially when you consider many “Mom and Pop” stores that just aren’t willing to
take their business to the Other World of the Internet. Without at least some basic
skills in using a phone book, our kids aren’t going to have all of the searching and
exploring tools that they may need when they get older.

Making a game out of it is a great way to teach them the ropes.

This post is written by Ellen, who enjoys writing, loves quality time with her family and has created several ready to print scavenger hunts in her spare time.

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