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Kindergarten Scavenger Hunts

It’s cold outside, and you imagine yourself to be that wiggly five-year-old stuck inside the kindergarten classroom in January. Why not welcome your young learners back to school with this version of a scavenger hunt idea? By now you are poignantly aware of the writing requirements for kindergarteners if you are a teacher in the public school system. An effective way to firm up those sight words the students have been learning and meet writing goals is a scavenger hunt to find them. In a class of twenty, divide into five groups of four. If you are using twenty sight words, laminate four sets using five different colors such as red, green, blue, purple, and orange. Each team of four must find all twenty sight words in their predetermined team color. This is such a great learning game because the clues can be illustrated with the text written as well. For example clue one for finding the word like may be a picture of the author’s chair on a purple card with the words: “on the author’s chair” written under the illustration. Clue two given for finding my, for example, may read: “in the reading loft.” Of course everyone is familiar with these hot spots in the classroom by now, so the pictures serve as excellent clues by themselves. The lead teacher and the paraprofessional can facilitate the game by each taking turns helping teams. To ensure success, the balancing of each team with students representing several reading levels may be predetermined by the teacher. When all the teams have found their clues, a lively discussion of all the directional words could follow referring to clues that used under, over, behind, beside, between, before, and around. Ask, “Who found a clue beside the teacher’s desk?” As you can see, this game will become a favorite for your students and you as success in reading and writing will be gained from its use.

This post is written by Ellen, who enjoys writing, loves quality time with her family and has created several ready to print scavenger hunts in her spare time.

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